Does GTT also have Electric TukTuk's?

Yes, all our models are also available as full Electric TukTuk's, are fully EU approved and come with an European Certificate of Conformity with the E-mark (COC)!

Where can I apply for my licence plate?

Where can I apply for my licence plate?
As we already mentioned, we give you a European Certificate of Conformity. With this certificate you can go to your national vehicle registration organisation. With this certificate you can apply for your licence plate straight away. You can send the certificate, or you can go directly to them.

Drivers licence or Motorcycle licence

What kind of licence do I need to drive a TukTuk?
To drive a TukTuk within Europe you need your car driver’s licence.

Vehicle registration tests

Do I need to do a homologation/approval test in my country?
NO, not in European countries. Because our TukTuk’s are European Type Approved, you do not have to do any additional testing in your country.

Drive on all roads

On which roads can I drive with my TukTuk?
Because the TukTuk is classified as a three wheel motorcycle, you can drive on all the main roads. Just the same as a car.

Park for free

Where to park my TukTuk?
Because a TukTuk has only 3 wheels, you can park it for free next to the bicycles and motorcycles.


Do I need to wear a helmet?
You and your passengers are allowed to drive the TukTuk without a helmet. You can verify this with your police department in your country/city.


How about the insurance and road tax?
Generally the insurance costs and road tax is very little. In many European countries we have addresses for you from several insurance companies who can insure your TukTuk. Of course we will help you with this.

Company licence/permit

Do I need to apply for a permit to begin a taxi/shuttle/tour/etc company in my city?
This depends very much on your country. Some countries you can start a taxi business without a permit and in other countries you have to buy or apply for the permit. But to be sure we suggest that you first ask for information at your local council department before purchasing the TukTuk.