Real Thai Beauty & European Quality
At Global TukTuk we represent the best of both worlds!

In 2007 Joey Buter an young entrepreneur from Holland (Netherlands) started a pilot with TukTuk España. The idea was to do touristic tours and taxi services with a Thai TukTuk in the city of Barcelona. How enthusiastic the idea started out, how difficult it was.

Joey faced a jungle of local Spanish and European rules and regulations to get his TukTuks on Spanish roads. This struggle though the process of homologation, was the start of Global TukTuk (GTT) and paved the road to become Europe's first official European Type Approved manufacturer of authentic Thai TukTuk's.

At Global TukTuk we produce Authentic Thai TukTuk's. Several of the best Thai partners are responsible for partly production. Once shipped to Holland our Dutch engineers are responsible for final assembly of the unit. That's what we mean with "At Global TukTuk we represent the best of both worlds!". Pure Thai craftsmanship assembled by European engineers.

This combination makes that our TukTuks are fully approved to drive in any European country. They come with EEC approval and COC certificates, and meet the highest requirements of the world.

What do we offer:

  • European approved TukTuk’s (EEC)
  • Certificate of Conformity that will be accepted by all EU members
  • 2 year warranty
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Delivery service at your door (optional)
  • Perfect after sales service of all parts of the TukTuk

Why do it the hard way, if you can do it the easy way. Just buy your TukTuk at Global TukTuk and you are ready to go!

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