Autentic Thai TukTuk
Real Thai Beauty & Craftsmanship combined with European Quality

As we say in our TukTuk overview, At Global TukTuk we represent the best of both worlds! Real Thai Beauty and craftsmanship combined with European Quality.

Several Authentic Thai companies are responsible for partly building original TukTuk bodies, framework, interior, exterior and engineering parts. Once constructed all is shipped to Holland were our Dutch engineers take care of final assembly process and building your TukTuk according to high European standards.

GTT is not just a TukTuk maker, but also a technology, assembly and design company with a primary focus on TukTuk innovation.

Building a TukTuk body
Real Thai Craftmanship
GTT logo integrated in side frame
Constructing a TukTuk
Electric Engineers Working on E-Tuk
Our Thai workers constructing GTT Party frame
Constructing an Electric TukTuk
Battery packs Electric Tuk Tuk