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For over 40 years, this TukTuk is not to be missed in the Asian streets. This is also the most exported TukTuk in the world.

That makes the Icon by far the most popular TukTuk of all time.

On top of that this worldwide icon is now also available with our unique Electric Powertrain Engine. Designed by our GTT team to ensure the best performance and results!

The Icon is fully customizable upon your wishes, from special painting to airbrush artwork. Custom branding and many, many available options.

And YES! We ship worldwide!

Technical Specifications

Overall lenght 3172 mm
Overall width 1562 mm
Unladen height 1932 mm
Payload 300 kg
Driver / Passengers 1 / 3

Electric Powertrain Engine

Type GTT Powertrain
Voltage 96 volt
Batteries Trojan Lead Acid
Batt.lifetime 3 years
Charging time 5 hours
Speed 80 km/h
Range 100+ km
Fuel costs 0,02 €/km

Conventional Fuel Engine

Type Daihatsu EF-SE
Cylinders 3 in-line
Cyl. capacity 659 cc
Speed 100 km/h
Ignition system Transistor type
Cooling system Liquid cooled
Fuel type Gasoline
Fuel sup.system EFI
GTT Icon white full side view
GTT Icon white front view
Icon passengers seat
Icon model name
Icon rear frame
GTT logo integrated in side frame
Tuk Tuk top sign
Constructing an Icon